NES emulator

could someone give me a link or somehow get me in touch with an NES emulator that works? i can only seem to find SNES ones.

also a PS1 emu if it exists.



Nester rocks.

epsxe for the ps1.

I am not familiar with some of the newer ones but I have had good luck with Nesticle, Jnes, and FceUltra. Roms are getting harder and harder to find though.

where is a good site to get NES roms?

kid icarus here i come!

"kid icarus here i come!"

I saw that cartridge for sale at a flea market once but didn't get it for some reason. I went back the next week and it was gone.


man i've waited YEARS to play kid icarus. I rented it ONCE when i was a little kid, and have NEVER found it ANYWHERE since.

A good roms site? You don't don't of any pretty decent ones yourself? I'm very sure if ask more, or looked a bit harder, you can find a place. You could check around google or something.

anyone know of a free site?

here i will save you all alot of hassle's/Emulation/NES/ROMs/NES_roms_summary.htm

I just played Kid Icarus. Man, it sucks. You should just keep your memories and never play it again.

lol, yah i ended up beating it in 3 hours...sometimes i wonder if i was retarded when i was a child. It seems these nintendo games were so harsh on the eyes and the gameplay lacked any kind of creativity.

Thanks for that link bro that is really helpful.

While im at it, does anyone know of a good PS1 rom site? In particular, im trying to find FF7. I already downloaded the emulator