Nest food to order to avoid potential hangover?

So, I'm out tonight. I have been eating super clean, and it is showing. Like two shots and a beer and I'm lit. Yes, I am cheating, it's been like 4 weeks squeaky clean.

Anyway, in the past I'd order some fatty foods. Chili cheese fries or some shit.

My question: what is the best food to eat to mitigate a hangover?

I know I'll have one, but what is the best thing I could eat right now? Yes, I'm drinking tons of water.


FTR I tried to plan for today's debauchery. Skipped breakfast, smoothie for lunch. Apple for snack. Then two jagerbombs and a beer. Lit. Normally it takes like 6-7 to feel like this.

Ramon Maroni - cum
I beat off 12 times today. Should I be saving that stuff?

Worms seem to be the go to for nests.