Netflix cast a black woman in whiteface on the Witcher and no one noticed

She is beautiful

but unfortunately a bigot racist. ive formally canceled her from my jerk off material and i demand that everyone else does as well. .


She made a good elf. That’s what matters. Those ears looked real, and double d.

Could care less about her race, but that bitch cannot act. Every scene she was in made me turn that shit-show off.

You mean you guys aren’t willing to set your hair on fire over this? But….I thought……

How is she conisdered black when her skin isnt…black? She can be of african/jamican/whatever-nation-her-ancestors-hail-from lineage, but your skin color is your skin color, and hers is closer to white than black

I know brutedion touched on this, but its one of the woke narratives that bother me the most. Just because you have a family member down the line that is/was black, doesnt make you black too. Skin color is skin color. Heritage is something different

She’s redbone

The “one droppers” are the worst of the race grifters. It’s worse than the brown paper bag test.

The producers at Netflix obviously felt her natural skin tone was not going to work for what they wanted so they gave her white girl cheeks. I’m outraged even if you guys aren’t

Her and the Young Oprah, they ruin every scene. Every minor actor is terrible too. The show focuses 10% on the Witcher and 90% on pointless bullshit. Its terrible.

The “villains” with their comical evil laughter. Who gives a fuck who they cast. Its shit.

I think if we saw her vagina, that could help clear things up. You can tell a lot about a woman by her vagina.


I’d rather fuck her in full elf wardrobe than without


You bring up a good point.

Whoever she is, she would get it big time!

Woah Woah Woah, chill out. If Bruce Gender can be a bitch, this bitch can be black.
Move along, move along

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Just get her to commit a crime and she be called white for the rest of her life

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or an suv

i m so offended i am gonna burn down my neighborhood

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