Netflix Dahmer = Napolean Dynamite?

Anyone see similarities with how Evan Peters did the character and Napolean Dynamite? The way he gets upset at his grandma…Basically any time he gets upset at a family member without blowing up…even thr natural daze he seems to be in at all times is like how Napolean’s character was


I forget the details, but when Dahmer was killed in prison, he was left alone in an area with no cameras with three other hardcore killers. Some say he was intentionally left there for them to take care of him. A fight breaks out, and if I recall correctly Dahmer killed or KO’ed one of them, and was beating the second guy when the third guy started beating Dahmer with a pipe or metal bar. I don’t remember the details, but guy said he hit Dahmer and he turned to look at him with a blank expression on his face. Not fear or horror, not a realization that this is it for him, just a blank expression almost like “okay, now this is happening too”. The guy was just an emotionally weird person.

The Last Podcast on the Left did a good series on him. They’re now on Spotify, so if you have that you can give it a listen


Joe Pera IMO.

He beat 2 hardened killers? and would’ve probably beaten all three if not for the 3rd guy using a weapon?

….did dahmer have some sort of martial arts training ? I mean , he subdued and beat some of the people he killed …and now he’s beating up prisoners ….dude had skills

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^ this. Wtf?