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Watched "Last Man on the Moon" last weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is about Astronaut Gene Cernan, and his wild ride as part of the US space program from Gemini to Apollo, and how various turns of events found him commanding the last mission to the moon. Goes in to the effect on his personal life as well. Very cool, especailly if you are a space program or history buff, and it was enjoyable for my wife, who isn't either one of those.

Highly recommend

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Need new documentaries to watch

You would probably find a few interesting ones here.

Sagiv Lapkin - 

Need new documentaries to watch

You would probably find a few interesting ones here.


Jiro dreams of Sushi

30 for 30 the two Escobars

something random - Bobby Fisher against the world. Phone Post 3.0

Watched and enjoyed it

I watched "Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back" this past weekend. Thought it was really good. It's a documentary about Quiet Riot that turns into a sad journey halfway through. Shows the drummer's struggle to pick up the pieces after the death of the singer. Phone Post 3.0

MY ITALIAN SECRET can't recommend it enough Phone Post 3.0

There's a Jake the Snake Roberts doc on Netflix that I just watched.

It was pretty damn good and even include Razor Ramon.

DDP is basically helping Jake and Razor recover from their addictions.

Only thing I didn't like is that it kind of became an infomercial for DDP's yoga program halfway through. I'm sure he was a producer, so there were a lot of yoga shirt and yoga montages.

Easter Egg: Gold Dust appearance!!!

It's still damn good to watch if you're an old school wrastl'in fan!


was pleasantly surprised how interesting the doc was...

it is about a small town that opened up fracking and has a swarm of outsiders from all over the world, showing up and looking for work... only they have no place to sleep...

a local pastor starts taking them into his church and controversy and some pretty shocking stuff ends up happening...

Blackfish, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Bigger Faster Stronger, Prescription Thugs, Any of the ESPN 30 for 30's are usually good, but I haven't watched too many of them.


Muscle Shoals
The Wrecking Crew
Cartel Land
180° South
Team Foxcatcher
Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin'

The Imposter Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

just watched the resurrection of jake the snake, pretty good if you liked the wwf days.

marco pantani death of a cyclist was also good, he was an amazing rider. It also goes into the doping culture, kind of relevant to what is happening in the UFC right now.