Netgear wireless router problem

 I've had a Netgear wireless router for a few years.  From the beginning, if I was on a web page that had a lot of pics on it, (for instance one of Soup's pic threads with a ton of pics) it could occassionaly cause my router to hang up.  I would have to reboot the wireless router (turn off power and turn back on) for it to function again.  The computer's still showed that it was connected to the router, but the internet connection was dropped.

I've had this happen with a Linksys router in the past as well.  The Linksys was a B router and the Netgear was an G.

I replaced the router with a new Linksys/Cisco wireless N router and it is working fine with all of the pages that previously would drop the router.  I have the N router configured for G only at this time until I have hardware that supports N. 

I don't need to get the Netgear back up and running, but I've been curious as to what would cause this problem.  Anyone have any ideas?