Nets....dumbest team in the NBA???

So feel free to take two guesses where Eddie Griffin is going to go play at. Fucking amazing

the nets don't want eddie griffin. this guy is cancer. plus he will be in jail for shooting up his old lady.

You'd think that wouldn't you??? But apparently the Nets have gone after him and he is saying he is going to sign with them. The list of dumbass Net's moves is begining to grow longer and longer.

lol, I was saying that from a houston standpoint. He is going to tear up the nets.

wasn't eddie griffen involved with the nets somehow? trade for richard jefferson?

They drafted him originally I think.

erica is correct.

The Nets selected Griffin for the Rockets with the seventh pick in the 2001 draft then sent him to Houston for three first-rounders: Richard Jefferson, Jason Collins and Brandon Armstrong.

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"For now, the Nets will only have to pay Griffin a prorated contract worth about $400,000, but they have much more to lose. The two-time Eastern Conference champions have finally calmed their locker room after Kenyon Martin nearly brawled with Alonzo Mourning earlier in the season and Kidd shouted at Scott this month. Now they are ready to stake their delicate chemistry on a player who is under a court-ordered curfew." New York Times.Linksign in = the_ogpassword= theog