Network question?

I've have had a wireless router for a while now and what to install it (now that I got some time), my question is I want to build a network but I'm not sure if I should put the wireless router after the firewall or before.

I'm thinking of this setup modem firewall/DHCP box (Astaro or smootwall), wireless router, PCs.

Thank You

less than ideal but acceptable solution-

add a wired Ethernet card to your server for the wireless router.

string the Ethernet from your firewall box to your wireless router's uplink.

consider the wireless network untrusted and filter all input or output on that card.

you can also set up a VPN from that Ethernet card through the router for all your wireless stuff, if you are using something like Astaro....

or, you could buy a wireless card that's Linux compatible and set up your firewall box as a router.

Well I a Linksys 802.11b wireless router, I'm not sure if it will work with Astaro or not? I like the one setup you mention about the wireless stuff being insecure and I could just block the wireless stuff from interacting with my wired setup. TTT for more ideals.

Hmmm.....DMZ zones....

ok, all the connections to the firewall box are through wired Ethernet. your Linksys should have a wired Ethernet uplink...

provided you have a Linux-compatible Ethernet card on your firewall box, you are good to go.

I want to build a network but I'm not sure if I should put the wireless router after the firewall or before


router acts as a firewall

make sure to setup a good password for ur wireless router or i'll be by and steal some bandwidth hehehe

setup a software firewall to if paranoid

Ha ha good one. Not to sound dense but Rob are you saying that I should put the firewall before the modem or the firewall after the modem?

man, people think there gfonna get hacked all the time

if someone wants to hack u, not a script kiddie, but someone WHO knows how to hack

there's litte u can really do IMO except for hardware firewalls

dont worry so much and enjoy the porn


ok.<><><><><><><><> (eth1) (wired network switch)
< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< > /
cable/DSL modem - (eth0) firewall--(eth2)wireless router uplink

ignore the <>, they're just placeholders

You can use Astaro for free for home use. You don't even need a
wireless access point. Just plug a PCMCIA wirless card with
Prism 2 chipset into the Astaro box and it becomes an access
point. You can then throw in another two NICs, one for external
and the other for your wired internal networks, with separate
policy for the wired and wireless networks - for example,
wireless network must authen against the proxy server, etc.

Thanks for responses guys. I'm thinking I will create a segment for wlan and an segemnt for the wired, that where the firewall would come in. Or as warez suggested.

Hey Warez, I have wireless router (not hooked up yet) I'm just trying to figure out a good way to seperate things. Thank you

Same principle applies. Just plop in 3 NICs, and the wireless
router would plug into one of the NICs as a network segment.
Then you can use the proxy/authen feature of the firewall so
people aren't using your Internet for free, or scanning your
(wired) LAN.

The new wireless routers will setup everything automatically for you. Ideally you would run from the dmark to the dls/cable modem to the wireless router to the pc(s).

Logitech and Microsofts setups are both very easy and tell you waht to do during the install. (with pictures


Thanks alot everyone.

20% of people with wireless systems can see their neighhgbors network.