networking ps2 ???

can you hook 2 ps2s togather with a ethernet cord? or do i need some equipment?


I'm not sure if it's just a straight ethernet cable, but it does only take one cable to hook up 2 PS2s.

so i dont need a router or hub or somthin like that?

Not to hook up two machines for a game of Gran Tourismo or something. You should be able to do that with one cable.
Found it. It's the I-Link cable. It's not ethernet, it's firewire.
This is just one of the companies that makes one:

if you have a network adapter, i think you can use a ethernet cord for games with the "LAN" option.

Yeah, but GT3 and some other games don't have a netplay option, only through an iLink.
It's only $10.

Is there a list of iLink compatable games somewhere?

Another question is can Network compatable games all have to connect to a server on the Internet or could a local network of PS2s with a router play games together?

The only Networkable game I have is Madden 2003 and it looks like it could only work over the Internet.

If you use the Ethernet adapter then you'll probably need a crossover cable to connect 2 PS2s together.