networking through router ??

OK, so we got two computers here hooked up with a Linksys 4 port router. Both running winXP, both can currently access the internet. We set up the network connection bridge, which says it was setup correctly but, I'll be damned, it doesn't seem to actually bridge anything.

We want to share files (porn) between the two computers- what else do we need to do to accomplish this?

Firewalls were turned off btw as Zonealarm flipped the fuck out the first time we tried it.


OK we killed the bridge and tried networking without it (I dunno, she pushed a buncha buttons, she's smarter than I am) and it wont find the other computer on 'my network places' or anything like that.

You should not haev to bridge anything at all

You should just be able to right click on the C drive and share it, or setup your folder to be shared within the explorer.

jonwell I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, but can't figure out what I did to fix it. :(

Things that might work:

Right clicking on your C: drives and go to properties - make sure your file sharing is enabled.

Check your workgroup on each computer - must be the same.

Log off and on each computer - not the same as rebooting, you may need this to log onto your LAN workgroup.

Run the "Networking Trouble Shooter" through XP's help function.

Good luck

OK, bridging is gone. Both workgroups are Home. My drive is shared, her PC is saying she can't log onto Home (our network). Bah.

-sigh- OK, I can see both computers on the network, but she can't get hers to share, nor can she access the network at all.

let her sit on your lap, then look at porn.


setup net beui on both XP machines

Do you have accounts set up on both machines so that PCA recognizes/authenticates the credentials of PCB?

Do you have the ip's enabled to talk to each other in ZoneAlarm?

Do you have the same IP base addressing and the same sub-net mask?

Don't forget to ensure that you have the same workgroup name also.


*head explodes*

I'll check it all whenI get home. Firewalls are off.

BTW I never saw any seetings like the shit you've mentioned, where do I find that crap in XP pro?

Start:Settings:Control Panel:Network Connections:Local Area Network connections

Right-click it for Properties, find Internet Protocol/ TCP/IP, select Properties for it...

and you can set all that.

Jerkie is correct, FIRST- make sure NetBEUI is on. You'll want to filter it at the router later, but leave it on for now.

Kevin is also correct- make sure you have the same workgroup names and it's not just WORKGROUP

see if she is getting a real private address and is not stuck with a Microsoft private IP address... those start with 169.... real private IP's are below.

if she's not getting a real private address, make sure "obtain IP automatically" and "obtain DNS automatically" are checked. If that's not working, DNS is probably not working... assuming DHCP does not work... you'll have to route statically

like the guys said, make sure they have the same PRIVATE subnets...

192.168.*.* (where * = number from 0 to 255) is pretty common for most routers... don't use 0 or 255, 255 is broadcast and 0 just works weird on a lot of machines.

other subnets include 10.*.*.* and 172.16.*.*

acceptable private subnets are those listed above.

use only private subnets.

avoid MS private subnets.

OK, on both PC's I can see the other on the network. When I try to open mine from her end, it says she doesn't have proper permissions.

When I try to open hers from my end, well... now the network lags and won't open at all. That wasn't happening earlier.

I couldn't find NetBUEI anywhere.

OK, I got netbeui installed and everything works, yay.

Now, how can I assure that nobody ELSE can get into my shared junk?

hm... pardon the continued stupid, but i couldn't find any reference to DMZ on the router setup- advice?

put a strong password on the shared folders.

block ports TCP and UDP 135-139, 445, and 593 coming into (incoming,ingress) or going out (outgoing,egress) of the router.

Why was the suggestion to use netbuei given?

Netbuei should not have to be even used in this scenerio.

The C drive should be shared by default. If you into the Run option on the Start menu and type in \\(whatever the computer name is)\C$, you should see everything in the C drive of that computer if you have permissions to see it, which I think you should by default.The $ is for all hidden drives like this.

Can the two machines ping each other?