never back down vs fighting vs blood and bone

just three modern mma movies ive seen, there are probably others. imo i would say blood and bone, never back down, then fighting. i no there hasnt been anything bloodsport caliber, but which of these do u consider the best, ug?

 I havent seen blood and bone but the other two were the same movie just different people. I just watched Fighting and thought it was okay but the story has been done a million times...

okay maybe only 1000 times

I've never seen blood and bone but from all the clips ive seen online i dont want to. Never back down made me want to rip my eyes out and jam ice picks into my ears.

Fighting was actually a decent movie. It was less about a guy trying to become an mma fighter in two weeks and beat up the bad guy whose been training for years while at the same time getting the girl ...and more about ,well, fighting for money.

Where is the:  None of the above option?

 Redbelt imo

true i forgot redbelt. ill have to say blood and bone, redbelt, never back down, then fighting. i think blood and bone actually had a good plot to it, you just dont find it out until the last half of the movie. fighting just seemed a little plotless, never back down had a little more to it

 Never Back Down had a hotter chick!!

 nbd was the best imo

never surrender was worse than all 3

Blood and Bone had some cool fight scenes from a TMA perspective.

Gymkata IMO

 Brazillian Brawl > All

Who's the Masta?

 ^ Sho Nuff!

BLOOD and BONE!!!!! ftw

No retreat no surrender > NBD + Never Surrender

I watched Fighting the other's no Lionheart.

 The Last Dragon owns all.