LOL at "the world's best"


i dont even think he can beat GSP head to head, nevermind the meaningless p4p talk.

Dana = IDIOT

 it doesnt help when your opponent keeps trying to butt scoot

idiotic thread

DREAM - If Silva were P4P the best he wouldn't be afraid to fight Leites on the ground like Fedor did with Nog.

You're a cocksucker.

But a correct cocksucker.

I don't see why if Anderson knows he is better at the stand up then Leites he should be obligated to fight him on the ground.

LMAO - I don't see why if Anderson knows he is better at the stand up then Leites he should be obligated to fight him on the ground.

He is not obligated and it's actually a really smart strategy against a BJJ'er, but if he wants to be known as the best MMA FIGHTER P4P then he needs to beat people from anywhere.

Right now he's the best striker in MMA who knows how to keep it standing better than anyone.

He refused to engage just a little less than Leites did.

Anderson Silva's problem is that he's too good for the fighters left at 185. He's not interested in fighting these guys, he wants a real challenge. That's why he's calling out RJJ for a boxing match.. it's a challenge.

I think this matchup was just plain bad, cause Leites never really deserved the shot over Okami.

this will just weakin Dana white's argument that Anderson is P4P #1 (which is a fact in his opinion), but in the end Anderson has to win, and stylistically his opponent just cared about surviving.

It was like watching werdum vs. kharitonov, drove me insane.

it's very odd how anderson could lose this much credibility in a WIN.

Silva will CRUSH gsp!!!!!!!!!!! Nuthuggers go teabag someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you may be ranking p4p best entertainer rather than p4p best fighter. Nothing Anderson did in this fight shows he's any less dominant of a fighter -- outclassing a top 10 opponent laughably for 5 straight rounds isn't a bad thing.

u bitches are fickle. he schooled that lil dude. didnt want to get caught. sofuckinwat!!!!!!!!!!! hes still #4 p4p in my book

Fedor would kill Silva.

Anderson Silva is the best fighter in the world.

 P4P fighters are not 1 dimensional strikers.

lookoutawhale -  P4P fighters are not 1 dimensional strikers.

I am a fan of your videos Whale, but come on, Silva is far from one-dimensional, especialyl considering he ahs a black belt in BJJ.

Especially int hat fight. Kicks, punches, tried some knees, tried to clinch but Leites dropped down like he got hit with a straight left everytime,lol.

Silva stuffed I think 4 takedowns, 3 of them easily, so that's a new element. He also showed great balance when Leites was going full out for a single-leg takedown.

Finally Leites couldn't even pass his guard and did zero damage to Silva on the ground when he had the chance, completely nullified and quit after that.