Heurta and Diaz were getting worked the entire time and Kenny was riding their jocks like they were horses....

Like Rogan has never played favorite? LOL. Kenny is doing fine. Be thankful its not Mir.

lol @ either of those guys getting "worked"

 You first, tinkerbell.

Florian is an excellent announcer, and he was right about Diaz.

 I liked florian's announcing.

He's no Joe Rogan, but then again, who is?

Kenny did fine tonight.

Kenny was awful
why isn't Zuffa bringing up more on air talent god forbid one of those guys gets sick or has something to do.

you got the money hire some real broadcasters

 I thought Kenny did fine, but I was a bit perplexed because Gray was winning the fight I watched, and by listening to Kenny, you'd think that Huerta was well ahead. He was never outright jock-riding like Mir does.

 Huerta looked better during most of the fight and seemed to have Gray hurt early.

Gray definitely came back and won the fight towards the end with a little "wrestling control", but Kenny wasn't far off with his praise of Huerta.

I'm not a Kenny fan at all, but he's a smart dude. He knows that by beefing up Huerta it just makes his win look more impressive.

I totally agreed with Abe, especially with respect to the Huerta fight. He got hit with the great majority of the hard blows in every round and missed an embarrassingly high % of his punches. He took the most in the first round. Lost on the feet, the ground, and as to subs. Ken missed 80% of the fight blowing him. Even Goldberg tried unsuccessfully a couple of times to actually discuss what was going on in there. Watch it with the sound off. Maynard's footwork is infinitely superior.

GladiatorGannon - Florian is an excellent announcer, and he was right about Diaz.


I wish they would get rid of Goldie and just have Rogan and KenFlo.

Florian did great and both Huerta and Diaz were competitive throughout.  I did have Maynard winning 29-28 and Guillard winning 20-18 before the sub though.

Apparently, everyone in this thread forgot what Roger's defense used to be like. I was as surprised as Kenny to see him come out with a better stance. That doesn't mean I think Roger won the fight, just the first round.

Florian was good.

I prefer Kenny to Joe.

Ken-Flo did a great job I don't know what you are talking about

kenny did great, imo.