Never lose Back Mount again. This is gold;-)

Never lose Back Control again. This is gold.:slight_smile: With this little grip, you will create an extremely tight control position from Back Mount. This short video is a true Gamechanger.



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If you are interested in this kind of control from Back Mount and also from Turtle I have a new Download available. Over 100 minutes of instruction wirh great setups for all kind of chokes and armbars.

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My first BJJ coach Greg Nelson would go down to Fort Bragg from time to time to work with army combatives and he came across a soldier who was a triple amputee (arm at the wrist and both legs at the knee) that would use a very similar technique for back control. Without any hooks it was still incredibly effective at control from the back.

The soldier nicknamed the move β€œthe amputee.”

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Can you sell that video on BJJFanatics too please?

No, right now it looks like that my new content will only be sold directly via Gum Road.Should work as easy as Fanatics. If you have questions just let me know.