Never saw zidane play before

That dude is fucking good even though he's 70 years old or whatever. I was impressed. Plus I like his name.

Is there a place where you can see old games? Not highlight reels but games. I want to see what kind of player he was in 1998. I also want to see some other people - I hear good things about Cruyff for example.

ttt for Zizou

YouTube? If you want to buy, try

You never saw Zidane play before???? go and suicide urself.

If that was the 1st time u saw him play and were impressed, u will be amazed with this highlight:

bluenamer, pls?

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Special player. I was wondering a couple of years ago (before Ronaldhino came along) how he compared to Maradona and Pele, and how there were no other exceptional players around. Zidane was the best player since Maradona, that's for sure.

Missed his freakin' Champion's League final volley 'cause I was making a cup of tea. Bollox to that.

Tea just sometimes has to be had.

Certainly the most balanced, graceful and techniquely gifted football player until Ronaldinho came along. It was an extreme pleasure watching him over the last ten years in his prime.

Regarded as the 5th great player to come along in football.

Di Stefano
will Ronaldinho be next.

Lieblu - I can't figure out how that list is ordered

The five great player over FIFA's entire history (in no particular order):

Di Stefano





(will Ronaldinho be next)

Is Beckenbauer not considered that caliber?

I don't know about Ronaldihno. He wasn't that great in the world cup IMO, he seemed to give the ball away a lot. He had one good game and a bunch of average ones.

Di Stefano?? I don't think so. And yeah... Ron had a shitty world cup.

IMO it's just Pele, Maradona and Zidane, they dominated their time, others didn't.

Zidane in 98 was the fucking man. He's a great player.

di stefano and cruyff never won the big one. It goes Maradona, Pele, Beckanbaeur, Zidane in that order. Anyone who thinks Pele was better than Diego doesn't know f all about soccer.

"Anyone who thinks Pele was better than Diego doesn't know f all about soccer."

That makes a whole lot of successful coaches and players who don't know f all about soccer then.

You can't rank the great players, it's pointless.

Also, you can't say that winning the world cup automatically makes some players better than others, football is a team sport. George Best played for Northern Ireland and it was almost impossible for him to win the world cup as a result- but he is still an all time great.

First off, to be an elite top 5 player you have to win the world cup. Secondly, fifa voted Maradona the greatest player off all time through a vote about 2 years ago. Pele, being the suck that he is complained so fifa pulled back the award and made the two co winners. Pele played on a all star team, Maradona single handedly won a world cup. He also dominated in the toughest league in the world serie a. Pele thinks he's god, and Maradona has the hand of God!!!