NEVER thought this cud happen 2 me...


possible FRAT (if you're a fag)

let me start off by saying, i rarely have a pleasant flight while flying to/fm the mainland and even more rarely ever have the adjacent seat empty.

so here's the story:

flew back on hawaiian airlines this last sunday night on their new airbus and was stoked at the newer interior and touchscreen tvs on every seat. i secured a window seat (i hate the aisle as the fuggin flight attendants will beat the shit out of my shoulders when they aim for it to hip check me) and entered the airplane early--you get to do that if you're premier class.  no, it's not special--all it means is that you have to fucken fly a lot more than you want.

so there i sit.  the rest of the passengers start boarding. i'm watching one after the other pass me by and i'm thinking maybe i won't get anyone by me. the plane is filling up more and more and then the aisle begins to thin out and i think, hey, i think i'm home free!  all of a sudden, around the corner comes a NBA sized white dude and sure enough he's looking at the seat next to me and making one of those "oh fuck" faces as he knew this wasn't going to work.

i tell him, dude, i think we should (and by "we", i meant him) ask the crew if there's another seat open, and he does.  the bitchy flight attendant reseats him and I WIN, NOBODY, BAM!  so i put my cap on and pull the bill down over my we're pulling out of the gate, i'm out like a light. i hardly slept over the past few days spending the time w/ some really good friends eating and partying.

about 10 min or so goes by and we're airborne and i'm suddenly awaken by someone bumping into me.  "WhAT THE FUCK!" i kinda blurted as i turned to the passenger next to me.

well fuck, it wasn't a fat dude, or a old person, or the normal shitbag, but a pretty mulatto girl. she's super apologetic and i'm still pissed so i kinda start going, "where's my fucken phone? i left it on the seat you're sitting in?" so she starts looking all over for it apologizing and calls the flight attendant. it's a bit of a scene when i finally remember i slipped it into the side of my backpack.

well, my follow up apologies led to a simple, "so what brings you to my neck of the woods?" comment. she goes on about how there was a fat grandma up from who TOLD her to leave so her kids and grandkids could come up and talk and play w/ her.  the only two seats that were available were mine and one "next to some super tall white dude." LOL THK U NBA KOD.

get this, (and here's where i really thought the airplane had crashed and i was already dead) she tells me, "so i picked the seat next to the hottie."

i fucken start looking around. who tf is she talking about?  genuinely confused i reply, "you know, i would've never kicked you out of the seat next to me. no way. not in a thousand years."

well, over the next 5 hours, she explained how she's given up trying to coax her viet doctor husband to lay her the schlong after 4 years of roll playing and doing everything she could to get things going in that department, but she's just tired of it and is now just looking for some mutual masterdebatorism. oh. man.

well, she found me and sent me this email:

"Hi Mark,


Thanks for making that six hour flight feel like a 20 minute tandem.


If you ever want to get together, I'll be around."

W T F does this mean HG? W T F

so she orders "the kids are alright" (the lesbo flic) and is pinching me and saying, "WHEN TF ARE THEY GONNA MAKE OUT?" and giggling.

it got interesting in a hurry fren.

i found myself banging my face against the window to clear my head.

it didn't work.





she had braces on. i think i'll wait until they come off?

MobutuHari - ^I have a feeling she's from the south.

If so, I kinda understand. They seem to really like Asians, even Asian men. I met quite a bit of white AND black chicks who fucking loved Jet Li. Some of them who dug me, said they liked me 'high cheekbones'. Whatever that means.

She sounds really horny. Do her. And go for the nastiest thing you can if she really wants it that bad. If you can do the Makita drilldo, you will forever be my idol.

The slightest bit of cunt-assery or psycho-ness, leave and don't look back. You'll get stuck in the crazy bitch but she's so hot loop.

Ruined many a great men.

she's from miami. her parents from trinidad.

good lord fren i seriously have no idea on this one. too much for me to handle...

if you don't bang her YOU ARE FAG!


Sgt. Slaphead - if you don't bang her YOU ARE FAG!


i think this girl has a future in the local pron industry. and i'd like to help her along w this.

anyone have connections there? nolan?


wait braces? she wasnt like 15 was she?



but i only have one dick.




Sgt. Slaphead - if you don't bang her YOU ARE FAG!



here's you chance to prove me saying that "you couldn't get laid in a Thai whorehouse with 100,000 bht stapled to your forehead" wrong!

Oh and see if she down for some freaky pics!

COME ON YOU FUKKER!.....I live adventures though the exploits of my HG brethren!

gets another email from ms trinidad

prepares to drink menstrual blood

don't forget the freaky pics!

I'm happy for you. I hope many beautiful and strong Blackanese hapas are in your future. ;)

lol at this!

who are we foolin.

there's only one girl for me... cali.

game over

she did. it just hurts that i'm in love w/ an attention whore.

FCTV808 - interesting.

but i only have one dick.

I thought that dp meant donkey punch. I'm such a KKM.

for MobutuHari

FCTV808 - lol at this!

who are we foolin.

there's only one girl for me... cali.

game over

WTF is wrong with you?