Never watched the UFC in a movie theater? DO IT!

Anyone else ever watch a Live UFC in the theater? I have a Cinemark theater nearby that shows the bigger PPVs in theater, but I've always watched from home or a pub...until last night.

I think I'm going to the cinema every chance I get to see the UFC from now on, it was the best viewing experience I've had.

Recommend it if you get a chance!

I did. Twice In Jacksonville,Florida. The other people were quiet like it was opera. It was awkward. I was screaming my head off.

I went last night. The viewing experience was awesome. The atmosphere sucked though. Was kind quiet and no room to move around. Was odd to say the least. Phone Post 3.0

Agree. Saw it last night on the HUGE movie screen. Fucking awesome!!

I saw Georges fight Dan Hardy in theater. I didn't know theaters were still doing it, or I would have gone last night.

Don't know what people are talking about though. When I went it was pretty crazy. People were freaking out when Georges had that arm-bar locked out on Dan and he wasn't tapping.