Scottie Epstein has signed on with Nevertap to take on Ulysses "Useless" Gomez in their third match.  Both competitors have one win over the other via submission (both chokes).  Both guys asked for rematches immediately following their respective losses.

This will be their third and final rubber match:

Ulysses will be representing Marc Laimon's Cobra Kai

Scottie will be representing Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet

The main event card is as follows:


Bill Cooper vs Romulo Melo

Cub Swanson vs Scott Bierri

Shane Rice vs Sonny Nohara

Ulysses Gomes vs Scottie Epstein


And we are attempting to sign another match as well. 

The tournament will be open to all beginners, intermediate, and advanced nogi grapplers. 

Winners will receive cash prizes, and gift certificates!  We aren't handing out an opportunity to win $5 tin medals in exchange for an $80 entrance fee from the competitor.  We are a completely unique grappling organization with a different set of rules and format.   Our system is designed to prevent stalling, to prevent a competitor to simply land 2 points and stall out the rest of the match for a point win.  Just like the competitor, we at Nevertap DON'T WANT THAT.   

Register Online and receive a free T-shirt at the tournament.  Registration is only $40.

Our prizes are as follows:

1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50 Nevertap Gift Certificate

1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50 Nevertap Gift Certificate

1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50 Nevertap Gift Certificate

The tournament will be filmed and released on DVD.  You can also head over to the Nevertap website to purchase a DVD of our previous events.

The next tournament will be held at:



TUSTIN, CA 92780


The gift certificate can be used for future registration, DVD's, and merchandise.

should be a great rubber match.

i'm picking epstein this time.

I'm only doing this cause I need the money

that's because you're a grappling whore.

naw its because i spend all my money on TULSA TOP TEAM gear!

50 dollar gift cert?

that is soooo freakin sad..

good luck U!

i'm just picking epstein cuz i hung out with him last weekend...not because i like or respect him.

did you give him a reach around?

that's a personal question.

remember youre not gay if you give it only if you get it

"remember youre not gay if you give it only if you get it"

well, that's a relief.

Im serious yall.

Why do these events give so little to the competitors? Where are the sponsors?

The reason I ask is I put on a tarpon tournament a few weeks ago and was able to get almost 10gs in sponsorship and it was small tournament ie 37 boats.

Why dont the guys running these events hit every business they know? Put the busineses logo on the back of their Tshirt for x amount. For us it was 250 bucks to get a 2' logo pic on the back of the shirt, our sleeves sold for 2000!

Just a thought.


ill try my best

its not cause you like me better?


Go Get 'em Scott.

Quit the sarcasm HKPHOOEY....youre not a damn jew too are ya useless?
Perhaps a mexi-jew like fuckin Bravo?