new 10th Planet brown belt

Shigeki ( i have no clue how to spell his name)  recieved his brown belt from eddie last night.  it was very expected. the guy has been a purple belt for almost as long as i have been training and he has been catching everyone with his gogoplata including some top level black belts.

he was a pro boxer in japan with a bunch of fights under his belt and is looking to start his mma career now. he is going to be a terror at 140. 

btw, if you are intereseted in checking him out, then come by legends. our prices are still 105 a month for unlimited bjj with 10th planet at this astonishingly beautiful facility

we have to hold up our fightshorts with something


congrats...when will u get ur brown brent?


mo- i think in another 8 or so months. 

fredrico, those shorts were awesome and i even looked into them, but they were a custom job done by rvca for bj.  also, not everyone likes to wear boardshorts while grappling. i prefer to wear fight shorts because they hold my cup in place

you guys dont have class on sats anymore?

at two conor runs a wrestling class.  its the best one i have eve taken and i have taken a bunch.  you should try and make it in for sure

art, i really never thought that i would see this day

plugging your sister isnt, though.....


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i went to legends the other day to check it out. i have buddy, dan farley, who said the training with eddie is really good. it IS a really nice facility.

checkuroil, i was talking with the guy at the front desk and he said when you guys were at the bomb squad gym eddie bravo would have beginners take a few privates 1st before they would join group class. is this still the case and if so how much are they? thanks.



this is true about the privates.  eddie requires you take three beginners classes (there will be up to three people in them with you) with me for 55 a piece for a grand total of 165.   i cover the basics of the system in those lessons so that you become ready to step in the class and are not completely lost.  if you are interested, then shoot me an email at and i will send you my phone number so that we can schedule them.

note, if you have over six months bjj experience then you do not need to take these.

say whats up to dan for me. i have not seen him in a while.

Congrats to the new brown belt.

Hopefully he won't try his gogoplata in MMA.

will you charge him for the happy ending



Shigeki by Gogoplata!!

Congrats Sucka!!

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It's Cool.