New 40k Game is XCOM with Space Marines

Always dug the lore but could never play tabletop because that is a rich man’s hobby.

Video games have gotten me back into the lore though. And I’ve been saying for years that a 40k game built with XCOM mechanics would rock. So this is tailor-made for me.

Half the Warhammer games are like Xcom though. Games Workshop is greedy as fuck . They just slightly improve graphics and release the same game over and over again

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Production value of this one is very good.

Only did the tutorial and one mission so far, as Stanley Cup is on. But so far I’m very impressed with the animations, VO’s and menus.

Not the usual cut-corners you see in a 40k game with a ton of reading, and a clunky interface.

A lot are turn-based, but don’t do the excellent job of combining macro and micro management like XCOM did.

A few had promise, but then used card mechanics (which I can’t stand). Others were more like Fantasy General/Panzer General, etc.

I’ll definitely give it a download once it hits torrents. I checked out the gameplay and yea it looks fluid and not clunky like the other warhammer turn based games.

It is starting to. They are ruining the backstory by giving the emperor a stupid name and a dumbitch wife who was really the one who created the primarchs.
Also like half the models painted tgat they showcase now are black.
And there is talk about women space marines.

It’s little changes but it snowballs

Game is insanely fun, both as an XCOM fan and as a 40k fan…so full disclosure a bit biased.

But very good on most fronts if either are your thing.

The only real problem is the lack of map diversity. Eventually you will run into the same maps, and the mob pods all spawn in the same locations each and every time. What mobs spawn will vary, but it can get repetitive because of that. This also hurts replay ability because when you see a map, you know how to go after it because of where mobs and pickups will be.

Otherwise best 40k game since Dawn of War series.