New ACL and Grappling?

Hey all im 17 and have a completly torn ACL (i.e i dont have one) i have to get a new ACL put in, i am still how ever training BJJ while i wait for surgery (and luck has had it that i havent had any accident). I guess the question im askin is, after i have it replaced from experince do you think i can return to 100 percent sports activity, my doc said probably but i want to get some athelets point of view on it. dont ask how it happend becouse im not going to tell you do to who it envolves.

Good doc and good sports physio, you will be back to near normal in about a year.

17s a terrible age for injuries. i remember when i was that young couple years back. taking my cast off like 2 weeks later cuz i wanna go play sports and whatnot haha. take your time thats all. i know its hard cuz u just wanna giv'r and shit. but relax.

Physio and then a really good personal trainer should do the trick.