New Alliance Brown Belt

Congratulations to DJ "Boiola" Farmer for his promotion to brown blet last night. As many know already, DJ already holds a black belt in Hot Oil Man Wrestling, and his huge ass has been a huge asset to the team.

Para bens!


Obrigado...........8 Years almost to the day.

My Back is freekin Killing me!!

Let's get something staight my Nickname is not Boiola.

Oh yeah, that's your Hot Oil Man Wrestling nickname. Word is, your reacharound technique is as efficent as Marcelo's armdrag! Congrats again, pal.

DJ is also available for privates. MEN ONLY

jiboiola aparar pega rabiola


congrats. that massive video library is really paying off ;)

What kinda music does he DJ? Hip Hop? House? Country?