New amateur fighters :)

Once you've reached a certain level and your helping the new guys with their skills, do you notice that one guy with serious potential and then watch as he puts in the work and takes a fight? We have a guy named Ashley who has really put in the effort and has his first fight coming up next weekend at Holiday Havoc in Valdosta Georgia(Dec. 10).

I'm just really excited to see him fight, because he has natural abilities and has been working hard. I really want to see him succeed. I take a lot of pride in working with him, because he wants it, and really pays attention. If he fights well, win or lose, i think i'll feel about as satisfied as i have with my own fights, without all the work :P

Just wondering who at your gym makes you proud. I'll be proud just to see my friend Ash get in the ring. :D

A guy named Ashley? You know he's going to be tough. I got made fun of for being named Zeb. I know what you mean though. You probably help that guy out more than the others too.

BTW, Ashley fought a guy 7-1 and did pretty well for a couple minutes before tapping to a nasty triangle. I'm proud of him. :)

OLD Thread, thought i'd bring it up again because the guy Ashley fought is on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. :)