new amatuer mma rules for ga...

i have heard that there r new rules for am. mma in georgia...such as 7oz. gloves, chin pads, and headgear. this IMO is not good for the it is just like sparring. and is bad for ga mma considering they have some of the bestt mma fighters in the country

7oz gloves and shin pads, i think are ok for beginners.....but headgear is way too much, once the headgear is included, then it is way to much like sparing.....7oz gloves,shin pads=ok.....headgear=bad

I like all the rules listed. especially the head gear. Its amateur mma not pro. If your fighting for free then you shouldn't take as much risk as the pros. These are rules all states should have for amateur mma. It would make it easier to get into the olympics.

It's a terrible move for the sport. It will only make the transition from amateur to pro that much harder. Right now the transition is pretty seemless. The only thing you have to contend with is a much higher level of competition. Having to learn how to take a completely different level of punch, kick, and overall game is a more dangerous than the current rules.

We are supposed to find out at the hearing on May 24 whether or not the new rules will pass. There are a bunch of fighters, trainers, promoters, etc. etc. going to the hearing. There are a lot of dumb rules that they are trying to get put can check them out here:

"It will only make the transition from amateur to pro that much harder."

As it should be. I see guys fighting in pro events that have no business in the cage at all. It should be harder to be a pro. It will help keep people from getting seriously hurt. And it makes the sport look better as a whole when both guys are compatent athletes, not one athlete vs some slob looking to make $100 bucks fighting. They should also have rules for matchups for ammys like they do in Golden gloves. As in a guy with less then five fights can only fight guys with less then five fights. this would help keep things more fair. It will keep mr 35-2 from fighting mr 1-2.

madsexy i agree with u totally, there should be Amatuer/Smokers, headgear is needed, they are fighting for free u dont need cuts ocurring, imagine when the pros that are coming up have 50 amatuer fights on thier records and when they hit pro.. Bad Men indeed...

Madsexy and Nijaboy, It's people like you that are fucking us GA fighters. We KNOW the risk we dont give a shit. I want a fight not a glorified sparring session. The reason people get hurt is because they have a false sense of security. GA rules are fine as is..NOT ONE FIGHTER has complained. We are all very happy. There is a reason GA puts out some of the best ammys in the country. We are happy with the rules as is.

These rule changes will force fighters being on the edge to turn pro too soon, and end up getting more people hurt in the ring. this is one thing people are failing to remember, Fighters are not wanting these changes its dumbasses who think they know whats best for us.

No, the transition shouldn't be harder, the competition should be. Why would you make rules that make the level of competitor entering the pro ranks to be MUCH further below other pros? That would only serve to make even bigger mismatches. Besides, bad matchups are the problem of unsanctioned bouts, not the rules they are fought under. Everyone that steps in that cage/ring knows the risk they are taking. There are no smoke and mirrors hiding the fact that you're about to get hit with a 4oz glove.

And head gear and bigger gloves isn't the only rule change on the table. They're also talking about no leg kicks, no punches to the head, no striking on the ground, and a time limit once it does hit the ground. How would those rules produce better quality fighters for the pro ranks?

Headgear changes the fight. Point #1: Its tough to escape submissions with the headgear on (ie: guillitone). Point #2: It also makes takedowns more difficult which leads to Point #1. Bad idea IMHO

anyone got a pic of those 7oz gloves?

Silhoute and Cohones01 have stated the correct... As a amatuer fighter from SC that has to go to Ga for fights, I am completely against the opposed rules change.

"I see guys fighting in pro events that have no business in the cage at all" - This won't change if the rules pass, if anything you'll see more people in there that don't belong. Anyone can turn pro at anytime....


^ Exactly.

Jason, where at in SC?

Our amatuer rules for Montana

6 oz glove, primetime Level 4, Fairtex Training Glove, Combat Sports Has several

Knees to the Body and Legs Only

No Fore-Arms

No Heel-Hooks

No Neck Cranks To Finish A Fight

2 X 4 minute rounds with a 2 minut OT

Headgear can be dangerous if someone gets a hold of it wrong and throws someone it could damage the neck.

there was another thread on this awhile back that had alot of information on it

Cahones - I'm in Charleston...

See thread titled - "Amateur rules - Changes brewing"


I just moved back to Charleston after 3 years away. Where are you training at?

No where in the rules do they say the use of headgear...

We have been using those rules in NJ for 1 1/2 now...I personally have done 20 shows using those rules...In my Pro shows we use the unified rules...I have seen the Amayeurs who make the transition do better and are more confident when they enter the Pro ranks...

When I sat with Commissioner Hazzard to discuss the rules he stated there has to be a difference between Pro and Amateur...especially when there are almost no medicals required to fight as an Amateur...why fight Amateur using Pro rules when you aren't getting paid?

These rules have been great and am glad that more states are adopting them...

I like the bigger gloves and shinpads, but how are you going to grapple with a headgear on?

There should be no elbows or knees to the head in amateur also.

I like the 2 X 4 minute rounds.

Here in holland the amatuer mma fights start with a headgear on standing and when it hits the ground they pause (like a restart) and take the headgear off. Kind of interesting.