NEW Android App - 875+ BJJ Tech Demos Jason Scully

**875+ BJJ Technique Demos iPhone/iPad App - Price Goes Up Sunday Afternoon** -

**For the next 3 days you can get this app for only $1.99 (Will increase to $3.99 on Monday 5/11/14)**

UPDATED VERSION COMING: Version 1.1 is being worked on where we are fixing some bugs. Primary bug is the layout error, and video controls error for those who have iPhone 4/4s. We are also making it so iOS 6.0 and later can use the app. Still get the app at this price because all updates are Free

Over 875+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique and concept demonstrations by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Jason Scully. If you browse YouTube for BJJ techniques then you are no stranger to the X techniques in Y minutes videos. These are some of the most popular and viewed BJJ video on YouTube and now you can have access to them right on your phone! Now why exactly would you download this app if you could just watch them on YouTube? Here's why:

• You'll get immediate access to all 25 videos which contain over 875 technique and concept demos.
• You'll find both gi and no-gi techniques.
• This app is self contained meaning you will not have to use any of your cellular data at all. You can watch these videos on an airplane. No internet connection needed!
• All advertising is removed on the videos. No link overlays or anything that you would see on YouTube.
• You will not have to wait for ads to end or have to click out of ads to watch the video. No ads at all.
• No more searching for the videos YouTube. Now you can access them quickly and easily.
• Videos are better categorized for you to easily find the topic you're looking for too.
• The perfect option to quickly review ideas before training.

This is one of the best collections of reference videos for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling you will ever find in one app. Just taking 10 minutes of your time to review one or two videos will give you great ideas of things you can add to your game or teach.

This app is perfect for instructors looking to figure out what to teach during their classes. Sometimes it's not easy figuring out or even remembering what you should be teaching. Now all you have to do is pick a topic, watch a reference video, and then have a technique or concept to teach right away. This is one of the best teaching tools you can have.

Here is what is in this awesome app:

49 Kimuras/Americans In 5 Minutes
39 Armbar Attacks In 4 Minutes
37 Omoplata Set-Ups In 4 Minutes
49 Back Takes In 5 Minutes
52 Triangle Set Ups In 8 Minutes
19+ No-Gi Chokes In 7 Minutes
24 Gi Chokes In 4 Minutes
55 Closed Guard Techs In 7 Minutes
38 Closed Guard Combos In 4 Minutes
33 Solo Drills In 7 Minutes
30 Animal Solo Drills In 6 Minutes
31 Partner Drills In 5 Minutes
23 Side Mount, Scarf, Mod Scarf Escapes In 11 Minutes
26 Rev Scarf, North South, KOB Escapes In 13 Minutes
17 Mount and Back Mount Escapes In 10 Minutes
19 Turtle, Headlock, Cradle, Crucifix Escapes In 11 Minutes
29 Submission Defenses In 7 Minutes
57 Guard Passes In 7 Minutes
42 Half Guard Bottom Techs In 6 Minutes
47 Leg Lock Techs In 4 Minutes
22 Jump Rope Techs In 2 Minutes
51 Guard Sweeps In 7 Minutes
42 Takedowns In 6 Minutes
22 No Gi Top Combos In 3 Minutes
23 Transition and Scrambles In 7 Minutes


Ttt Phone Post 3.0


$3.99 in the apple app store. Fuck you iphone!!!!


youarewhatiswrong - $3.99 in the apple app store. Fuck you iphone!!!!
Sorry man...has a 4 day sale when the iPhone app released about 2 weeks ago Phone Post 3.0

jasculs - 
youarewhatiswrong - $3.99 in the apple app store. Fuck you iphone!!!!
Sorry man...has a 4 day sale when the iPhone app released about 2 weeks ago Phone Post 3.0

It's cool. $3.99 is pretty cheap. I think I will splurge.

Purchased for iPhone,amazing! Phone Post 3.0

Got this yesterday for Android, awesome app! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks all! Sale ends on Sunday afternoon, then price goes from $1.99 to $3.99

Downloading now :-) Phone Post 3.0

Price goes up to $3.99 in about 5 hours