New Armadura kimonos

I wear jiu-jitsu gis since 1988.
I competed a lot from white to black and wore all types of Jiu-Jitsu gis in my life.
Now as a Jiu-Jitsu teacher/practitioner I just completed a life dream goal.
To have my own Jiu-Jitsu kimono company!!
Just want to share with you guys that I designed and created a kimono company.
Armadura Kimonos.
The first gi is the Heritage edition and it was tested over and over to get exactly the way I wanted.
Rash guards are also available.
Please share. thanks for your friendship and trust!
Gustavo Machado

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These look very nice. Phone Post 3.0

Those are some great looking gis, and your website is great too!

Solid stuff. A little out of my price range, but appears worth it.

Hey it's Gustavo Guga Machado! Good luck on the business man!

Will buy because your DVD taught me how to escape a ton of submissions when I was a white belt. Phone Post 3.0

I apreciate the kind words guys.
Thank you

they are great looking gis and I'd like to buy one. 2 problems ..

1. I find that sizing chart confusing. The shoyoroll model (i'm A2) is much better IMO

2. you only ship to the US. I'm in Australia - are there plans to ship internationally or appoint a distributor


TTT for a response Phone Post 3.0

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TTT in case he's back

otherwise I'm buying a shoyoroll!

Hey thebasher!
We will start shipping overseas soon. Sorry.
Armadura is a very confortable gi and it will not shrink much. The lapels are a couple inches longer so it fits better when you close and tie the belt. If you normally wear a size a2 ( my size too) consider getting the same. My Armadura gi is a true a2.
Shoyorol is great gi too.
Take care

Thanks very much for your reply

Really keen to try one of your Gis so i will wait until you start shipping overseas

Thanks again Phone Post 3.0