New article on flexibility

Check out the new article I wrote on flexibility. Loook in the Sports and Athletics section.

Read it. Good stuff.

I've been doing my MBF programs for a while and my flexibility has increased a great deal, however, in the past 3 weeks, my flexibility has increased at an incredible rate. I actually accomplished this by making some lifestyle changes that ended up making my body much more functional. By increase overall functionality, my flexibility increased faster than I had ever imagined.

For those who are familiar with yoga, I was never able to do "downward dog". My hamstrings were so tight. When I tried to do it, my back was rounded, my knees were bent, and my heels were far from the ground. My MBF program did include a hamstring stretch, however, downward dog was not part of the program. After 3 weeks of these lifestyle changes and doing my MBF program, I tried to do downward dog and I was amazed when my legs and back were straight and my heels touched the ground. During these 3 weeks, I never had a single yoga lesson and ever even tried to do that pose. I was quite surprised at how lifestyle changes could improve my body so much and increase the effect of my MBF program.