NEW ATT School Opening soon!

Rafael Dias is in the process of opening a new ATT School in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He will be teaching BJJ and MMA at this 2200 Sq Ft facility located next to the IMAX theatre and 2nd street bars. The school will be open in January and the Website is being built now. Check "att ftl" for more up to date info all the time. The facility will have showers, proshop, chiropractic and massage services and more. We are setting up seminars already, including Jeff "Snowman" Monson and more. ATT FTL. Pre opening price specials will apply to first 50 students starting at $75 a month so act fast. Send us an e-mail at to get registered.

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TTT for Rafael Dias & ATT Ft. Lauderdale!

He's been teaching at the main in academy in Coconut Creek between his fights and doing a great job. He will be missed as an instructor.

Now is a great opportunity for anybody in the downtown Ft. Lauderdale area who is interested in BJJ & MMA classes.

A little about Rafie, he recieved his black belt from Murillo Bustamante & Bebeo in 2003 and currently holds a professional mma record of 7-1.

He is scheduled to fight Dec. 22nd in Bodog - Japan.

Best of Luck to Rafael Dias on his new academy and upcoming fight!!

ttt Rafa is a great instructor!

Thanks For the support guys. Rafael is also fighting in the Gracie Fighting Championship in Miami on January 20th vs. Chris Brennan.

Thanks guys, I got a busy month, 2 fights and a new school to run! Thanks Tom and Libo for the opportunity.


When are you guys going international and opening a school here in Puerto Rico damnit?!?!?!?!?!

As soon as Rafael finishes the Miami fight, he is on his way to Puerto Rico to look for space.

When are you going international and opening a school here in Minnesota?

Rafael hasn't learned that language yet, so Minnesota is going to have to wait. Guarantee we couldn't get him there at this time of the year for any length of time.

We are planning on having the school open for Christmas open mat sessions so stay tuned for more updates.

tomlet..are you serious?


     Where and when( and who ) are you fighting ?

Shit I would love to run Puerto Rico Top Team!!! ;-)

ttt rafael is a hell of a competitor as well as instructor

"Shit I would love to run Puerto Rico Top Team!!! ;-) "

Why yo uhaven't done this yet gordo, is beyond me...get your ass over here already coño!!!

I want to train at the NELSON TOP TEAM.

Congrats to both Rafa and ATT.  

3ts to my boy Rafie.

Parrumpinha- Thanks for cornering me Saturday night.

Matt...under normal circumstances i'd laugh but being born in New York of Puertorican could be true.....thus i hate

Ben...that would be cool..give me another 5 years though to get some BJJ under my belt...LOL