NEW ATT School Opening soon!

Thanks for the Support guys. Rafael is fighting in BODOG show in December and Gracie Fighting Championship in Miami on January 20th. Both these shows are pay per view so don't miss it!

Nelson, No I am not serious about PRTT but Carlao should be. Find him an investor and my guess is he is on the next plane.

TTT, Rafa I will try to go there
Renato Tavares, Orlando ATT



Sweet Deal


Guys Thanks for all yor support. Feel free to stop in and check it out when you are in town.

TTT for Rafael! Congratulations and I wish the biggest successes for your new gym!

TTT for a cool cat and a great fighter.


What is the gym (Rafaels) web address/e-mail.

no arms, broke many collarbones though, accidently, those bones are thin.

Cevo, the website is being built right now, but will be You can send e-mails to but that will change soon also. We can also be contacted thru

Rafael is fighting this month in Japan and next month in Miami at the Gracie Fighting Championship. Stay tuned for more info or check out

Congrats to ATT Fighter Luigi for his UFN victory over Dave Menne! Another ATT victory.

Mike Brown Battles Yves Edwards Today sometime in Russia also, GO Brown. ATT!

Rafael came to my school to do a seminar in Oklahoma. He is a very down to earth person and has great skills and knowledge of jiu-jitsu. Best of luck !!

Titan Martial Arts

Breakit - No problem. Hopefully next time we will have a better outcome.


Okay....let me get this straight....if he is going to open a school in downtown Ft is he going to Puerto Rico to open a school there? From what I know, you can only teach at one school at a time.

Mimi you are quick. Puerto Rico was a joke. He has enough to do with the school and his training. Fortunately ATT has plenty of blackbelts and pro fighters that can help cover classes when Rafael is away.