New beavis and butthead series thread

this is awesome. way better than the old stuff tbh

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If you haven’t heard of it, check out his series Tales From the Tour Bus.
Its fantastic, even if you don’t dig country music.


These episodes were all really well done. I wish Judge was making more

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I think I’m gonna do that and catch up with all the new South Park too.

My mother loved it, but would change the channel the second my father was within earshot.

That’s next on my list after beavis and butthead. I don’t have cable and the covid episodes that I’ve been wanting to watch are on there. I have no idea if there’s anything else worth watching and it’s weird to have to sit through commercials on a payed streaming service but I’m still on the week free trial so that might why I’m seeing them.

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Some of the best comedy to come out of the 90s. I’ll watch this today. Thanks.

Tales from the Tour Bus was amazing. It’s a shame he stopped doing them.

It was great. Instincts wanted me to fast forward the parts where they do commentary on the couch, but I didn’t and it was hilarious. The country song shit was great. It’s weird how much smarter and witty they are doing commentary vs getting trapped in a bathroom haha

IN for later

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