New beavis and butthead series thread

It’s Stewart’s kidney made it even more hilarious


The roof episode might be my favorite… Let’s throw it off the roof lolol

After 20 fucking years it’s still absolutely hilarious…beavis voice is off a little but Mike has said his voice is hard to do but holy shit… I cry laughing like I was 13 again


The ep is hilarious about time travel lol

I can’t find the clip when there’s a Bjork video and they say that she has a schlong.

Sh1t had me in tears

The sound and how it tore through his fucking shirt like a bullet. Absolutely incredible.

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TTT for season 2 is here.


Shake that ass Ronald Reagan.

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Need to finish last season, but love the show. Love it.

Got my nephews playing the pinball yesterday. They keep saying “diarrhea cha-cha-cha!!!” In beavis’ voice

The meditation episode where Vandresen does the meditation uhhhh and B&B both just went with their uhhhhh…thats comedic gold!

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On my birthday

I need a break from dead island 2 for a few anyway haha

New series is off to a great start! The voting one is their classic dumb selves. Just perfect.


The meditation one got me pretty good.

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I just cancelled Paramount a couple months back.

I’ll have to binge the second season whenever I get it again.

Beavis and butthead are timelessly hilarious…the new 2 eps are hilarious

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So happy they are out for s2.

Playing the Beavis and Butthead pinball now


If you wait too long before pressing something, buttheads voice comes out and says “hello??? Testes, testes!!!” instead of testing.



I’m amazed at how well it’s held up! Still funny!


Awww. The 1 with blue hair liked beavis. Please let Beavis go balls deep in that and slap butthead in the series finale