New BJJ Academy in Westminster, CO

Hi everyone in Colorado! Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be living and teaching in Colorado starting May 4th. For the people who dosen't know me, I'm a BJJ Black Belt under Professor Carlos "Caique" Ellias and I teach out of he's school in Los Angeles, CA. I've been planning on moving to Colorado for some time and I'm very happy about making the big move!
I'll be teaching at the "Colorado Martial Arts and Fitness" in WestMinister.

Here is the address and phone number:

9053 Harlan St. Suite 40
Westminster, CO 80031
(303) 430 9000

Hope to see you guys there!


Mauricio Zingano.

P.S: I don't have a name for the school yet, so any sugestions are welcome!!!

WWWOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO...Mauricio is coming to teach!!!

For people that know the Westminster area a little bit the school is directly West of the Westminster mall. It's just across the street and is located in the small strip mall shopping center behind the Lazer tag storefront.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Hey J.R.! I'll see you soon! How you been???


Mauricio, things are well. It turns out that I had a ruptured disc in my back. That's why I was hurting so bad at your seminars. But things are healing nicely and I'm excited to progress my training. I've been working pretty hard on Muay Thai for a couple of months and am looking forward to your ground instruction.

See you soon,
J. R.




Welcome to Colorado man. I still have your promo DVD.

You know the best way to get students? Come and fight on RING OF FIRE man!!! LOL

shoot me an e-mail at


Sven BOOGIE Bean

Hell JR as already bought his table just to watch you fight


TTT to get Mauricio in the ROF!!!!!

J. R.

Thanks guys! Sven, will talk soon, I'll be at your show on May 22nd.

Take care guys!

Yeah.. but will you be in the ring?

or eating BBQ at JR's table?


I'll be eating for now!LOL!



are you in Colo. now?

No, I'll be there around the 1st of may. I'll need some time to get the school going and find a place to live and stuff before I think about fighting again, I'll get around to it, I got lots a fights left in me still bro.
Who is Leonard Keith???

Sven, do you want me to pick up Mauricio and throw him into the ring at the show? I mean I'll do what I can to support the sport. :)

J. R.


I think that you would pick him up and throw him with no problem, but he would land in the ring still holding on to your fully extended arm.. you know how those nasty BJJ guys are.. :)