New BJJ Black belt in AL

Carlson Gracie black belt and co-founder of the Revolution BJJ team, Rodrigo Medeiros just finished his seminar at Samuel Puccio's BJJ. Rodrigo has only given out ten black belts since he has been teaching and the tenth went to Samuel Puccio today! Alabama now has a BJJ black belt (please forgive me if there are others that I am unaware of).

Also, Dr. John, who has competed and medaled several times at the Pan Ams and who intends to compete in the Mundials this year received his brown belt.

On a much smaller scale, I got my purple belt; let the long string of new belt butt kickings begin...

How can you get a purple belt when you don't like Marcelo Garcia? It just doesn't seem right.

Seriously though, congrats Philip!

Thanks, man! When are you coming back to class? Are you stuck in the ATL?

And I like Garcia, I just like giving crap to all the people on his nuts. Hell, that's why he lost the Absolute, one more hugger grabbed on enough to slow him down!