New BJJ Conditioning book

Hey Guys,
Just thought a lot of you might be interested in this book... check it out...It details training of the Team Renzo Gracie competitors...

sounds very interesting. TTT for any reviews.


honestly look at my book..

this is purely sport science of grappling and everything is referenced (over 100 sources) backed by science and national wrestling/judo/boxing programs...

in short, any training book on sport must include a detailed analysis of what the sport is physiologically and then design its program from there...

i know i am not a gracie, but i do know about grappling and sport science..

i have yet to see other books on martial art training that go into the depth that i cover in my publication...

bjj and judo and wrestling involve the same energy systems and would require the same development...

anyway, thought i would remind the forum again about this



Wayland, it is not a good idea to hijack someone's post to peddle your own book. You should make a separate thread if you want to alert people to your material.

Wayland, your book definitely looks interesting and I will someday check it out. That said, it is classless to plug your material on another's thread. Comes across as arrogant and I am sure you didn't mean it that way.

well, no intention of fact, if the poster wrote the book or was selling it, i would not have posted my comments..unless i am mistaken, he was informing the forum about a training book that he found of value,

that being said, no disrespect intended about my post..

truth be told, i have posted many times about my book and several posters have also posted other books and references on my thread..

anyway, it was merely an fyi, that is all

I've been waiting for "Training for Warriors" by Martin Rooney for a long time. He's at the top of the S&C game and coaches athletes in a wide variety of sports, including Renzo's team.

I've not seen the book (yet), but I have seen other material of his, such as the Parisi Speed School Dynamic Warmup video. Top notch stuff.

Martin has promised users of the Elite FTS Q&A that the book would be comprehensive. I've no doubt it's true.

I'll post a review when I've got the book in my hand.

No disrespect to the other authors but Wayland's book is amazing. No B/S just scientific fact. He breaks things down: strength training, aerobic/anaerobic energy systems,diet on how they apply to grappling be it judo,jiu-jitsu,wrestling,sambo,etc.
It has helped me a great deal.

yea, ive been waiting for this book for a while also. martin is a mainstay on the elitefts board. ill be getting it this week.

Martin's book is also based on science and experience and includes mma specific training as well. The information in the book is some that I've never seen before. I urge all BJJ/wrestler/Boxer/MMA guys to check it out. Wayland, if you haven't seen books with depth then you haven't seen this book. It's fine to post about your book but you say it's in depth and based on science as if Martin's is not.
It's a very complete book.

scrappy, thanks for the i was not implying anything about martin, i do not even know about the publication..

all i know is, my collection is from university publications in peer reviewed journals...unfortunately, most book collections, including my own, are not referenced very much in academic settings, unless the author is a practicing professor (just IMO)..that is what my statement about the literature review is about...

anyway, i will check out martin's book and like to read what other authors have done, i will probably even buy a book to add to my collection..

either way, i was merely just trying to let those interested in the above publications some information about my book..

dynamo..thank you very much for your support and comments..glad to see some of the very technical information can be used..

thanks for reading my post,
one footnote, someone was posting on the UG about mental training for sport..and i posted about 6 or 7 references from my bibliography where i received my base from in my book...most authors share between each other

here is an example of how to share information including offering your own stuff:

this is the thread on sports psych..

honestly, i think you guys who call into question my ethics need to read this..

the thread was an open discussion for someone sharing information...

anyway, i believe i made my point.



ttt for both books

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