New BJJ Gi

I have been designing gi's for a little while now and I decided to take a crack at my own line with the help of RONIN BRAND.  Just launched on Thursday and almost sold out.  What do you guys think?  More Pics on the website




This is my latest release - the Leviathan


I think gi's shouldn't be fashion statements. They should be used to choke people.

shortyjj - I think gi's shouldn't be fashion statements. They should be used to choke people.

Thought I was on Sherdog for a second

Nice, understated but unique Phone Post 3.0

nice looking gi

whats the weight

I can stomach it...Never thought about Navy blue on a gi and since I DO NOT WEAR WHITE it might be a nice option. However, $169 or > for a gi doesn't happen for me anymore. Wish you the best.

Just came to say I think this looks friggin cool. Phone Post 3.0

Looks nice, I think I'd prefer it without the embroidery on the shoulder though, less it more for me, still nice though.

I love it.

Nice Phone Post 3.0

thebasher - nice looking gi

whats the weight


Thanks:) Its 450 gsm Pearl Weave


lets get dangerous - Looks like silk lol I'd rock it if it were white Phone Post 3.0

Next release will be white and IBJJF Legal, 

I like it.

if I wasn't broke this month Id buy it

I'll keep any eye out for future releases

So when are you going to post our 30% off bjjground coupon?

great looking gi

I think I like it.  Navy is probably my favorite color gi.  The design is different than the other gis out on the market.  A bit unique.  Nice work!

Thanks Guys! Phone Post 3.0

Very nice! And that my fav color for gis! Phone Post 3.0

It sucks because IBJJF is removing Navy from competitions in 2015.  Not that this gi is currently IBJJF legal due to the lapel being black but I love the Navy gi color as well.