New BJJ school on the Jersey Shore

I am a student who currently rolls in Avon. It is an Edson Carvalho school, but is run by BJJ BB Mario Lemos, formerly of the Rickson Gracie academy. Mario received his brown belt from Rickson and his black from Edson, after winning the master's division in Brazil last year. He has been training for for 20+ years and is a wealth of knowledge. The school is fairly new and is growing slowly, due to lack of advertising.I'd love to keep it a secret, but I want it to last. Lastly, Mario is a hell of a nice guy. The school is on Main St in Avon NJ and has classes M-Th 7:00, Sat 10:30 (Open Mat) and Sun @ 11:00. Also M-W afternoon classes. Judo instruction is also availible.

Hey, I go to Avon all the time in the summer, I know just where you are talking about, near Al's subs. So they also teach TKD in the same location?

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When are the Judo classes?