New Black Belt at Ronin!!

LOL... I missed that Mark!


unreal!!! felipe is the future of human beings! congrats brother!


Congrats Felipe!!


Wow, awesome news

congrats felipe!


Congratulations Felipe!  Everyone who has rolled with him knows he is a beast on the mat.


Ronin MMA

hmeboy: If you've ever rolled with Felipe, you know what I'm talking about. shudder!!!

Thanks guys!

I'm pretty happy and anxious to get back to Ronin, I miss you guys.

Hey Joe, you told me in private my b@lls taste sweet, how come you say otherwise in public ? lol - my gf is still laughing with your comments. Mike, gf not laughing so much about yours ;-) yep, i'm whipped - she came with me to brazil.

See you guys in week, Felipe

Dude, bringing your girl to Brazil is about as whipped as a man can get. And I would know -- my wife and I honeymooned there! Yeah, we actually had Terry, Ron and the boys along for our honeymoon. How sick is that?

Nice to see you're still with her, Cath and I liked her and thought that, like most BJJ guys we knew, your girl is WAAAAAY too good for you.

Congrats on the promotion, well deserved.

Felipe: Black belt grappler, blue belt dancer, white belt pimp.

I've rolled with him numerous times, the teabag mount must have been blacked out of my memory after I rolled into the fetal position and cried :-(

p.s. feel free to use the term "Teabag Mount"

Jeez, it seems like just last year he got his brown belt.. Anyhow, congrats Felipe!!




Huge Props, great news.



Congrats and well-deserved!

Rima :)

Congratulations from your friends at GAMMA/BTT Canada

CONGRATS ,,,,You defenitly deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats to Felipe.

This is long overdue!!!
Congrats Felipe

Craig Brown