New black belt in Illinois.

Mike "Joker" Aref was promoted to BJJ black belt today bu Jack McVicker. Joker is a great teacher, and competitor who has been winning tournaments all over the country while still getting his MD and PHD.

Congrats Joker.

Congrats Joker!!!! Phone Post

Damn, I missed this. Congratulations to Mike. He is indeed a rare and accomplished individual.

Good Muay Thai too!

 Seems like all the "Old Guard" McVicker guys are gtting their BB! 

Iti really cool to be able to say I came up at th same time as so many of you guys.  Team McVicker ALWAYS has top level competitors...and some really good guys!

Congrats Joker!




Congrats Joker!

I will always remember you choking me unconscious my first tournament, thanks.

Well done!