New Black Belt in SoCal

Carlson Gracie Jr. and Carlson Sr. visited Newbreed Academy today and in a total surprise to everyone Carlson Jr. and John Ouano promoted my instructor Johnny Ramirez to the rank of BLACK BELT!!!! Congrats to Johnny! We all then went to Soup Plantation and grubbed. LOL


Great news!

Congratulations to Johhny.


does any one know how old he is by chance? Im wodering if this is the same kid I know.

I think 21 or 22 now.


great job johnny

Is this the "Johnny Ramirez" that competed against UG member "useless" at a tourney recently?!

Check out the thread titled "I beat 2 brown belts (PICS)." Is this the Johnny Ramirez you are talking about?



Wow, "useles" must be one badass bluebelt.

Congrats to johny!!!!



WOW thats a huge goal to reach. I wish Johnny the best.

"does any one know how old he is by chance? Im wodering if this is the same kid I know."

I think you're talking about JOhnny Orasczo(sp). He's like 130lbs and about 18 years old. The reason why I say that is because I remember Brennan telling me about the kid going to the Westside tournies and choking everyone with his rash guard.

Congrats Johnny and useless once again thats awsome...


"useless once again thats awsome..."

Thanks buddy but this is Johnny's thread. All the congrats should go to him.

Congrats was to both, no disrespect here...

useless, yeah that kid johnny Rosco choked out my little brother in a gi-less tourney about 3 or 4 years ago with a rash gaurd. Chris doesnt allow the use of clothing for subs anymore. And about a year ago my bro faced him again and absolutely dominated him. Ask chris about his flying 360 guard pass. acually you and my bro would be a fun friendly match up to watch, he should be at the next tourney.
happy holidays
Brad mcCall

Brad- yeah Chris told me the whole thing. I would love to go against your bro wither it be during training or in a tourney. Hopefully I'll get the chance at the next WSC tourney.

BTW sorry about the hijack

TTT for Johnny

howsyourhead who is your bro