New Black Belts?

Quoting rielgracie from the "Gi size" thread - Todd and Joy got their Black Belts!
Congrats to Toddude and Babyrichson!! you guys deserve your own thread.
Many years of blood, sweat, and just dam hard work for a well deserve rank, again - congrats my old friends

ttt for propaghandi todd

Congrats! Who are they under and where are they located?

congrats to Joy & Todd!!

Congrats, to both guys. Well earned and deserved.


Well done guys!

Congratulations to you both. Joy do you have a phone number yet?

yes congrats to todd and joy those guys are awsome! todd guard is great! both real good technique!

Congrats guys! Well deserved!

Congratulations, but where do they train and who awarded the belts?

Rodrigo Munduruca is their instructor

Both very talented guys. But Todd destroys Joy on a bass.

Ah, Winterpeg. That means I probably rolled with them. Well, again congratulations to them. Rod has a tough club there!

Congrats to Master Todd..


Congrats to both Todd and Joy! Both are excellent teachers as well great technicians.

Also congrats to snake for his purple, and my coaches, Todd and Joy for the many ass kickings they have handed me