New black op 2 zombies tricks?

Me and a buddy been playing (ps3) the new zombie map pretty hardcore any tips you guys know? We figured out most the tricks with the big guy a spot to sit where the zombies can't get you the double point trick...any others? Phone Post

As far as survival goes, grab cash early. Get the big guy out and have him open everything quick.
Now what I do before going into the witches house is grab jug, mule and speed. I make sure one of my guns are a wall gun because running out of ammo sucks balls.
Where I put the gun I use is at the top of the courthouse

Then when entering the witches grab double tap. Then go through the house, if someone has the time bomb do the double perk glitch. Then run to the pack a punch.

Once all guns are pack a punched run back. From then on in run a circle of the box, chalk room to saloon to courthouse and back Phone Post