New "Blammoids" Toys from DC...


Kick off 2010 with a powerful and cute new look for your favorite DC Comics heroes - BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, AQUAMAN - and more. Blammoids, a new wave of boldly designed toys from the team at DC DIRECT are unlike anything you've experienced before, but you'll definitely want to experience them again. A striking, energetic and kinetic take on the heroes you hold dear, how could you not want to collect them all? They bounce. They BOOM. They're collectible. They're Blammoids. They're fun.

What say you GG!?

I think Sinestro may be the single most awesome thing I have ever seen.

Firestorm takes it.

So what are they? made out of hard sponge?


Mighty Muggs?

holy fucking shit are you guys crazy?! those things are horrifying! after seeing those, i have, like... it's the opposite of a boner. the green lantern reminds me of a date rapist and the firestorm looks like a victim of ritual sexual abuse


Sort of like the Marvel muggies

First they fagified their heroes with Batman: the brave and the bold, now this.