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How are you healing up?

 carwin = good for the sport

suess -

no need to thank me.

thank you!

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suess -

no need to thank me.

C'mon Suess save the matbattle stuff for others. 

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Correction, Thank you!

Suess I hope to be able to see you soon

dammit suess!

 LMAO at this thread.

Carwin has a new blog and links it; EBM takes it upon himself to post the entire article here.

Maybe he wanted the clickthrough.

Thank you for posting that entry EBM; The blog site is blocked here at work.

I was caught in suess's web of lies, so I fully support whatever Shane Carwin has in store for him.

Legalize It - Maybe he wanted the clickthrough.

Good call

 Good to hear you are picking yourself up Shane. Things happen when they do for a reason. Someone wanted you to go back and work on your boxing and come back stronger than ever.

Let's look at the facts, you gassed in the Lesnar fight, you came back in your last fight with a whole new gas tank that lasted the entire fight. So now, if history repeats itself, which it will, you will show up to your next fight with a new level of standup.

I would like to see you come back and fight Brock for your next fight! Avenge that and show the world he got lucky the first time.

It is okay to post here. I have so much web traffic I was going to install stop lights. That and Mark Zuckenberg stole my idea too.

Great read.


Looking forward to seeing you compete again. You are all heart and class.

jjj2121 -  LMAO at this thread.

 Agreed hahhaha 

jct95 - Shane, you're a warrior and I wish you the best of luck on your next bout. My only question, and maybe it's too soon to ask, but have you considered training at Jackson's MMA? I noticed that you had Greg in your corner previously.

I do not see myself changing training camps. I am learning every time I train. I have great training partners. Coach Jackson has been in my corner previously but he wasn't training me. I have always been a Grudge guy. Some of the guys here go to Jackson's and some of Jackson's guys come here. We all help each other out. If Greg is at the fight he joins us in the corner. He will tell you that the corner is ran by Trevor during those times. Coach Jackson is a great guy with an amazing thing going in New Mexico. I am lucky that I do not have to travel to New mexico to experience parts of that greatness.

I've clicked all over that website and I can't find your blog, but I hope your family supports you during this brave transition into the sunshine of self acceptance.

Shane what do you think of Overreem now?