New Blue Belt at GAMMA

Fresh from winning two swords for first place at the NAGA Worlds, two firsts at the Brawl at the old Capitol in Quebec City, and two other firsts at the last Grappler's Quest, David Aguzzi has been promoted to Blue Belt with all the attendant fanfare.

This would be the first promotion for BTT in Canada.

Congratulations from all the GAMMA Team.


congratulations Dave!!

Im kinda scared now to face your evil triangle. We had enough of
Patricio's. Now you... after a long time training... oh man... What's
waiting for me??

Cant say it more enough: I can wait to train again!!


Congrats David, you worked your ass of for this.

Congrats Aguzzi, you deserved it.


good job, man. good fights this weekend.






Man I still haven't taken it off, I wore it to sleep and I'm wearing it right now damn it, I can't wait to train and start pursuing the purple...I wanna thank everyone at GAMMA who helped me and a special thanks to my teachers Fabio, Ahmad and Phill who gave this to me.

P.S- I'll never forget Ahmad whipping me at the front of the line then running to the back and whipping me again hehe.

Left Hook


Congratulations, David! Well deserved.


Congrats, and well done!

I was really surprised to see you go from the shy, uncoordinated, passive grappler you were when you walked in to the aggressive, active roller you were when last I saw you. Huge progression, well done.

Don't forget though, that I have 50 pounds of gut and almost 20 years of mean on you, so it'll still be a while...

Duck you when I get back!


Oh, and one more thing:


How come everyone always brings up me being shy when I started?

Left Hook