New Blue Belts

Tonight at the end of training, Coach Donehue awarded the rank of Blue Belt to the following 3 recipients:

Paul 'Bruno' Bongiorno,

Chris Shen,

Vic Lay.

You are all well deserving of the rank. Congratulations and keep up the hard work.

Cisemek :-)


paul bongiorno? you guys have a school in canberra too? :)

Well done.........Im no longer BLUE WHORE.......Yippee

PS. have excess amounts of gaffa tape and personal lubricant should you three want some..

Cool, big congratulations to Paul, Vic and Chris!!!

Thanks for the congrats, guys. Very happy & unexpected to receive the blue belt from Coach.

Congrats to Bruno & Vic.

Chris Shen

Well done Shenny,u earned it.I heard Vic and Bruno can't wait for the "special" purple grading-especially Vic.

Well done guys!

"Submission Only" Kakoda

Well done

Nice wun guys!

Hey Brendon, hope you were laughing as much as me last night!!! Very embarrassing.

Would have been tears if that car had hit me though, very close.



PS. Do you think the chick on the back was impressed? I didn't think so either!

c'mon G, spill the beans... what happened?

The only way it would have been funnier is if you actually got arse bungled by that volvo.

No way, was it a Volvo! So poetic.