New bodyweight book

The new Bodyweight Calisthenicsworkout progression book by Coach Eddie Lomax is out. First off, the book is a huge 287 pages and filled with clear photos and descriptions. The book covers some history and Coach Lomaxs beliefs on bodyweight training. Some important information is the 6 ways to make bodyweight training more effective. The book then starts out with basic bodyweight drills then progress's into more advance movements building effectively on the basic moves. All the drills are broken down into each body part like upper body and lower body and trunk and torso moves.It even covers the animal bodyweight drills which are my favorite. The Coach also covers many workout and progression schemes from timed workouts to repair workouts. As a bonus it includes printable workout sheets to track the progress. I love the book, it is nice to have a reference guide which includes the pictures and various workouts all together. If you are looking for enough bodyweight plans to keep you busy then this is the book. As a mma student PT instructor this is book is worth its weight in gold.
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$19.95 seems pretty reasonable. Anyone have any experience with his stuff? How does he compare to Scrapper (whom I regard as the God of bodyweight conditioning) for example?


  • Savage

Looks good. Its gonna have to be good to compete with Never Gymless tho!