New Bovada, lack of fights?

Bovada just recently changed the look of their site. But now only offering the four fight pass fights for tonights card.

What up with that?

Yeah, what in the actual fuck? I'm seeing the same thing. Uggh... I hate this big fat-fingered mobile UI's, too. I used to be able to see ~10-20 fight odds on one HD screen, now, it's 4.

Now, I see what they're doing. Only keeping the next four fights open. Which eliminates doing a parlay from the entire fight card.

This is stupid as fuck.

Whoa, this sucks! I am used to doing parlays for an entire event at a time. In fact, I even have done and won parlays that cross over multiple events!

hendofanforlife - 

have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

HaaHaa VU

So dumb, and you have to click on 8 different thing before you can get to see every open bet. I hate it I just want to gamble :( Phone Post 3.0

I posted a thread on how to access all fights Phone Post 3.0

EazyDuzIt - I posted a thread on how to access all fights Phone Post 3.0

can you bump it?

Nevermind, found it.


Just bumped it, its titled BOVADA! HELP IS HERE BROTHAS

When you click the event title there should be a "show all fights" button or something towards the bottom thatll open the whole list. It is a shitty layout though. Even when you get the whole list open its still harder than it used to be to set up a parlay. PITA