New brazilian top MMA-team

In the article about Shembri leaving Chute Box for new MMA-team.... "Rogerio Camoes, trainer Jorge Guimaraes and former Brazilian Top Team member Carlos Barreto, who've formed the countries latest world-class stable, Black House. The new super-team features Vitor Belfort, Assuerio Silva, Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

No talk about this at all?

It's been mentioned. But who can keep up with brazilian pro fight camps? How many 'teams' has Vitor been on now? Remember the 'tough brothers'?

I'm sure it's completely money driven, there's probably some dispute over training and cornering fees behind it and any and all memebers of this team will probably leave following their next loss.

So it's news but it's not news. Clear as mud?

Personally I thought Vitor was done with MMA but...

But who can keep up with brazilian pro fight camps? BTT, Chute Box, Gracie Barra, RVT. Is there/has there been so many more?

Weren't all of these guys in another failed "super team", Brazil Dojo?