New Breed Fighters

I just wanted to say thanks to Scott Morgan and everyone at New Breed for running an OUTSTANDING show on Sat night in AC.

22 fights and a great time. They made every effort to make these kids feel like pros.

Sometimes promoting can be a thankless job. People are always upset about something but these guys really do a first class job and Scott is a pleasure to deal with gives you honest answers and is on top of things.

Thanks and I am officially on the NBF bandwagon

Agreed. Great show and very well run!

See you back there in May

Nick Masington

Simrell MMA/Rat Pack Fight Team



This was hands down the BEST Amatuer show I have been to

What fighters got screwed out of decisions in your opinion? I recognized some names on the card and am curious...

The event has no control over the Judges... I will tell you I hear complaints about Judgeing after every event it's like going to the gym one person says the place is too hot one says to cold, and one says music is too loud another not loud enough

Yeah I hear where you're coming from Phil but it seems the bigger MMA gets the more we see uneducated, moron judges that don't understand the sport. There needs to be certain criteria met for judges to get jobs. Extensive training, testing, etc.

Who judged that night? Also, results?

I don't know who judged but it's better than it used to be where guys from boxing and kickboxing did the judging and stopped paying attention if the fight was on the ground





Thanks for the link!

I do see the point regarding a couple of decisions. I thought Chris Pagoto was the clear winner of his fight and I think the other one a lot of people were questioning was the Chris Wing decision.

I may be biased as I am friends with both of those guys but I would think those are the decisions in question as most of the other fights ended early.

Look for Joel Roberts to be back on the May card making some more noise!



Chris Wing has a rematch with Terrance McDonald on the June 21'st. This time the fight will not go to the judges.

 Give'm hell chris!

 I think chris wing won his fight. We also had another jersey fight club fighter get robbed by the ref stopping the fight at the 10 sec warning while he had a fight winning choke in thight! but it is what it id i guess.i think chris will dominate in june for sure!!

go newbreed!


Chris gets great training from a number of guys. Chris Liguori, Mike Malinconico, Larry Cureton to name a few. He is too strong, too fast and too technical for Terrance.
The rematch will NOT go to the judges this time.