anyone know where to find them?

you could watch them online.Not sure where.Anyway i was there and my teammate Derrick Ferrer lost by guillotine to a kid from Kevin Mulhall's.He was dominating the fight and on a takedown he got caught.Tough way to lose.But he's a beast and will be back


It was a great show I called some of the fights for the stream.. Have not seen the results posted what fights are you interested in

183.6 Kevin Santos vs. 175.6 Mike Mc Donough Ref Peterson McDonough win via tap due to guillotine at 2:23 of round three.

161.5 Chris Heagy vs. 166.7 Scott Hlubik Ref Carolei Hlubik win unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27

136.6 Oscar Arizmendi vs. 136 Mike Bell
Ref Peterson
Bell win via tap due to keylock at 2:37 of round one Arizmendi suspended 60 days and needs x-rays of left ribs

173.2 Derrick Fenner vs. 170.6 Greg Quarantello Ref Peterson Quarantello win via tap due to guillotine choke at 1:43 of round three

129.6 Andre Benevento vs. 127.9 Kyle Jergensen Benevento win via unanimous decision three rounds, 30-27 Spinola, and 29-28, 29-28

157.4 James Chappell vs. 156 John Hollister Chappell win via tap due to armbar at 1:40 of round one Chappell suspended 90 days for not letting go of armbar submission after tap and referee notice.

172.4 Joe DeLuca vs. 173 Casey Adams
Ref Peterson
Adams win via tap due to guillotine at 1:35 of round one DeLuca suspended pending X-ray of right foot

213.6 Ismael Ruiz vs. 210.2 David Colabella Ref Carolei Colabella win via tap due to head and arm triangle at 0:37 of round two

158.1 Mario Rodrigues vs. 160 Paul Felder Ref Peterson Felder penalized one point in round three for illegal punch to head Felder wins majority decision three rounds, 28-28 Sinclair and 29-27, 29-27

152.2 Tomasz Piotrowski vs. 152.4 Jeremy Uy Ref Peterson Uy win via KO punch at 2:54 of round one Piotrowski suspended 90 days for leaving before decision announced and post fight exam

158.8 Jordan Stiner vs. 159.8 John Gartiser Ref Carolei Stiner win via KO punch at 0:55 of round one Gartiser suspended 30 days

147.3 Steve Sierra vs. 144.6 Jared Picariello Ref Peterson Picariello win via tap due to guillotine choke at 1:27 of round one

158.1 Chris Edmund vs. 157.3 Dave Miller Ref Peterson Miller wins via unanimous decision, three rounds, all three judges 30-27

147.3 Bobby Shea vs. 147.7 Sergio Da Silva Ref Carolei Da Silva wins via tap due to guillotine at 2:58 of round one

129 Khalil Malamug vs. 127.3 Bienvenido Diaz Ref Peterson Malamug wins split decision three rounds, 30-27, 30-27 and 28-29 Spinola

157 Phil Doig vs. 156.7 Dan Cion
Ref Carolei
Cion suspended 60 days for missing rules meeting Doig suspended 60 days for missing rules meeting Both fighters get same suspension for same violation Doig wins unanimous decision three rounds, 30-27 Spinola, 29-28 and 29-28

177.7 Elvin Rodriguez vs. 183.5 Chris Wing Ref Carolei Wing wins unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Spinola

where the fights close? or mostly one sided? I heard that some of the Wilkie guys where holding their own.

i wasn't there. those results are from an email nick lembo sends out after each NJ event.


This was a great show..NBF is run better than a lot of the pro shows I have been to first class all the way.. A lot of great fights the talent at this level is really growing you have kids coming out for their first fights and looking like vets..

Off the top of my head 3 guys from Wilkies looked really good in competative fights Andre Benevento, Khalil Malamug both won decisions and Mario Rodrigues looked tough losing one. Either the Malamug or Rodrigues fights would have been fight of the night.

I have no idea how Alex got 9 guys ready for one event

sounds like it was a good time.